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Discussione: Sonic Forces | Inverno 2017

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    Predefinito Sonic Forces | Inverno 2017

    dal party di sonic del suo 25th è uscito finalmente il teaser del nuovo gioco di sonic. Dai produttori di sonic colors e sonic generations. (cosa buona e giusta) .
    Il gioco è previsto per il 2017, non so se in estate o a natale, ma in tal caso ibernatemi.

    incominciamo con i primi rumor

    There were a ton of great announcements during the Sonic 25th Anniversary Party, ranging from Sonic Mania to the first footage of Sonic in LEGO Dimensions, but the greatest piece was saved right for the end.

    SEGA’s Aaron Webber was joined on stage by Sonic Team’s Takasha Iizuka to debut Project Sonic 2017.

    We don’t know much about the game other than that it will be released in “holiday 2017” for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo NX and PC. This is especially interesting as Sonic Mania will not be released on the NX, but Project Sonic 2017 will.

    The trailer showcases Modern Sonic racing through a ruined city as gigantic Robotnik robots destroy everything in their sight with lasers. He’s soon joined by Classic Sonic, and the two speed out of sight into the horizon.

    There’s no telling if this will be the rumored Sonic Generations 2, but “Join the Resistance” reads at the end of the clip. It appears to be foretelling that Robotnik has taken over the world, and it’s up to our two heroes to fight back and take down Robotnik once again.

    Could it even be called Sonic Resistance?


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