Visualizza versione completa : shenmue 2 su xbla?

15-05-2010, 18.32.58
non so se ne avete già discusso però ho trovato questo girovangando sul web...fino ad ora non si è visto nulla però spero proprio di no...

A leaked image from Microsoft's PartnerNet network (essentially a developers-only Xbox Live used for testing purposes) shows what appears to be strong evidence that Sega's Shenmue II is on the way as a downloadable title for the Xbox 360.
Eurogamer reports that "Xbox360Leaker" -- the same person with the same ImageShack account who leaked an image showing Jet Set Radio on the 360 yesterday -- has now leaked a new image (above) showing a game called "Project Berkley II" in the PartnerNet menu. No doubt devoted fans will remember "Project Berkley" was once the codename for Yu Sazuki's epic action/adventure/RPG hybrid Shenmue, suggesting this is likely Shenmue II under a similar codename.
While Shenmue II was originally a Dreamcast game, it was released in the United States as a port on the original Xbox, so it wouldn't be too much of a stretch to see a downloadable port on the Xbox 360. But until any kind of confirmation bubbles up, consider this -- like Jet Set Radio -- a rumor for now.
visto che si diceva del rumor di jet set radio e poi c'è stato...

15-05-2010, 19.01.03
Lo avevamo già postato ma pare che sia un fake.

15-05-2010, 19.03.48
Sì fake, almeno per ora.