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23-02-2002, 13.52.30
DAMN SHIT! I'M NOT WAITING LONGER! Can someone please tell me the e-mail of the offical italian mail-service? I'm waiting more than 1week! I got at the 17th a mail from amazon.co.uk, that my package has been sent by Air-mail! I'M WAITING SINCE THAT DAY TILL NOW!! I mean, How long takes it from the Airport Milano-Malpensa to my House?? How the fu*k can this be?? Why does the mailservice work in other countries like Germany,France,even Scandinavia,.... I'M SO PISSED OF BY THE CHAOS OF THIS FUC*ING CITY MILAN!!! IF I COULD, I WOULD PERSONALLY GO TO THIS FRICKIN MAN AN KILL HIM!!

PS:excuse ordinary or offensive words

23-02-2002, 13.56.45
Poste Italiane (http://www.poste.it/italiano/dovequando.htm)

23-02-2002, 14.03.19
Ona lavada ona sgada e la par nanca duprada... el primm che s cascia l mort

23-02-2002, 14.04.17
one thing: please don't take it personal! It's because I'm really fed up with waiting any longer. I want to play and not to wait. Please excuse any words you find offensive against yourself.

PS:Can I order a game f.e. from UK or Germany in a pc-shop (not MediaWorld) here in Milan?