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08-03-2009, 18.16.46
Scena non inclusa, peccato sarebbe stata grandiosa:

When Sonic Team did “Night of the Werehog” they planned on having a scene where Sonic and Chip play the Dreamcast. What happen? This is what Sonic Team posted on their blog, regarding the screen above:

Matsubara: Sonic and Chip are playing a Dreamcast! I’m feeling a rush of emotion!
Yoshino: But there’s no scene like this in Night of the Werehog.
Kinoshita: This was a story concept that had to be left on the cutting room floor. As you can see, it was never finished. We simply did not have time to include it.

Altre curiosità sul filmato. sempre dal blog dell'altra volta:

Matsubara: When I first saw (Night of the Werehog), it was like a gift from heaven! Sonic and Chip are so cute in it…
Yoshino: Now you’ve got me interested. I want to know how it’s done!
Matsubara: So you’re interested! Why don’t you ask a little more about it?
Yoshino: I know somebody who works at Sega’s VE Animation Studio. I will call them up on the phone.
Sega V.E.: When Night of the Werehog came out, we used a machine to translate the 3D model of the girl ghost in to this statue you see here.
Matsubara: She is very pretty! Not only is her face beautiful, but she has a very elegant design, like that of a selfish princess.

Yoshino and Matsubara then move to the meeting room, where Night of the Werehog storyboards are set up. There are literally dozens of images tacked to a board, laying out the entire Night of the Werehog short movie scene-by-scene, shot-by-shot with hand drawn sketches.


Yoshino: How long did it take you to complete Night of the Werehog?
Sega V.E.: After the story and the scene progression was decided, it took us around one year.
Matsubara: Are you serious!?
Yoshino: That’s longer than I expected.
Sega V.E.: During that one year, I created this.
Matsubara: Is this a reference document? There’s data on Sonic, Chip, the three ghosts…
Matsubara: Wow, there’s a lot here! The names of the three Ghosts, descriptions of their personalities, likes and dislikes, what they did when they were alive, how they died…
Yoshino: This document is really thick! There’s tons of pages.
Sega V.E.: This still isn’t all of it, either. When we create a character, we create a lot of depth behind that character so their personalities come through more naturally.
Matsubara: I must say, for a movie without a single line of dialog, these characters definitely showed a lot of personality and emotion.

10-03-2009, 17.35.49
Dreamcast forever and ever.

City Hunter
11-03-2009, 11.31.16
Peccato che non sia stato inserito, era una chicca stupenda :D

E' bello vedere come, dirigenza a parte, il resto di Sega sia ancora fortemente legato al Dreamcast.

Curioso di vedere i prossimi lavori di Sega VE ;)