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Parlando un po' di Sega seria, questo mese si svolge l'Atei 2009, improbabili le sorprese, ma magari sarà l'occasione giusta per saperne di più sui giochi testati nell'ultimo periodo nelle sale più fortunate.

Press Release Sega Amusement Europa:

SEGA ATEI 2009 Line Up

Sega Amusements Europe Ltd. will position itself at this months ATEI with a dominant array of products on what will be the global amusement giants largest ever exhibition stand outside of Japan.

Haven chosen to move to the left side of the exhibition hall this year Sega’s Justin Burke explains the logic “We’ve always felt that trade exhibitions need not to have product genres clumped together in order to add vibrancy for guests as they walk the aisles, you see it at exhibitions around the world; and as such took the decision to work with the show organisers and go over to the left. Others initially joined us but gradually diverted back to the right – we’re happy with the spot”.

Always one to impress SEGA will show off new products HUMMER a two to eight player gas guzzling attraction piece, deluxe motion ride on Harley Davidson and street racing twin driver R-Tuned to bolster last years winning video pieces Rambo and Sega Rally 3. Clearly showing that with every piece having a recognised licence attached to it that brand recognition in the arcade or FEC location is guaranteed, and will help boost cash box income.

With redemption, and licensed brands again in mind, Sponge Bob Ticket Boom, is here for its launch; Burke stated that “it was tested and tweaked during 2008 with various key operators, until such time it constantly appeared amongst their top 3 ranking redemption pieces. Without any moving items or controllers that can break off it’s a solid winner for 2009”. A new game in Missfits will be shown for the first time along with Block People and a ticket prize version of Shoot This Win This.

This will be the first ATEI for the UK Direct Sales team to be on the stand and its representatives, Aaron Gilbey and Steve D’Arcy, will both be present. They commented “we are enjoying getting back to grass roots trading dealing with the new and used markets. Despite the tough times out there since our launch at the end of 2008, business has been steady on new, used and our workshop refurbished equipment”.

As the European distributor for Trio Tech, Sega will also show the new two seater motion theatre cabinet Typhoon along with a massive 8 seater full size XD Theatre offering 4D thrills.

Sega has also being nominated as the distributor for Quasimoto and will show for the first time Game Gate, a cabinet system designed to allow consumer titled games to be played legally in the public environment on a coin op basis.

Supporting the machine sector both Sega Total Solutions (STS) and Sega Prize Europe will be showing their products. STS has added Raw Thrills kits to its range of Sega spares and components and will be on hand to speak to customers both old and new.

Sega Prize Europe will launch its new exclusive licence Hello Kitty plush range and also demonstrate the new Sega Vision MP4 player. The prize division will show a full range of it’s ‘£50 and Under’ prizes ideal for the UFO Catcher and prize machine market.

Sega Prize Europa:
Sega Prize Europe have announced that they will be exhibiting a full range of Hello Kitty plush at ATEI 2009. Sega will also show the Sega Vision portable media player - a handheld TV, MP4, and MP3 Player which was announced in October last year.

Sega has previously stated that the Sega Vision device is not intended as a re-entry to the gaming hardware market, but is instead intended as a digital media player with basic games functionality. Besides being a TV, MP4 and MP3 player, the Sega Vision also functions as a digital and video camera. The Sega Vision will debut at the ATEI show and is sure to generate a great deal of interest. Another high-tech product on the Sega booth will be the Sega Spe-X, a pair of sunglasses with a built-in digital camera and MP3 player.

Sega Prize Europe was recently granted the exclusive European Amusement License for trade sales and distribution of all branded Hello Kitty plush products throughout Europe, the Balkan States, Middle East and Africa, and will have the full range of Hello Kitty plush on show. The launch covers a range of Hello Kitty merchandise in many different styles and separate sizes including 20cm, 30cm and 45cm plush, key rings and pillows.

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Un po' di primissime impressioni da parte di Arcade Heroes:

Sega, now on a bigger stand than last year, had a lot to entertain me with. With regards to new games they had thier new special attraction; Hummer which makes much better use of the motion base than Outrun did. Mainly because of all the crazy jumps and the off road nature of the game. Also on the driver front was R Tuned. Obviously we have had our fair share of street racers in the last few years but I really like this one. It’s a fast paced racer with unlimited boosts (I think) and the force feedback is insane but can be a bit brutal a times. The latest Harley game from Sega has taken a more extreme take on the biker genre. Using a boost mechanic that is built up by collecting coins(?) and overtaking other bikers. Track wise the game is typical Sega. My favourite being an airport where you have to dodge planes taking off and landing! Also I saw Brick People which we’ve seen at other shows.

Definitely a better showing this year from the kings of rhythm games. Thier were plenty of Guitar Hero Arcades to play. For anyone that’s played any of the console versions before there’s not much to report. But I can’t knock it! I play this game & Rock Band all the time at home but it won’t stop me slipping a few nuggets in to it when I see it at the arcades. Staying with rhythm based games, Konami also had Ubeat. For a game that is just essential tapping buttons to the beat of the music, it is pleasantly satisfying. You really have to be play to appreciate how cool it is. Castlevania was also present, which I had a chance to play a few months ago when I caught it on locatin test. But by far my favourite game on thier stand was the new GTI Club. What won me over were the game modes available. There was the classic traffic dodging street races, car football (Top Gear fans will now how fun this is!) and a great pass the bomb mode. Which is absolute manic, crazy arcade perfection! I highly recommend it.

New games on show were Razing Storm which is the perfect next step in Namco’s great line of pedal ducking shoot em ups (just made that genre up myself). The game looks fantastic and really makes good use of that PS3 based hardware. The game is non stop action. If your not taking out multiple grunts coming at you from all angles, you are taking out massive walking tanks. Be warned; this game is relentless! Nirin was on show also and although I’m not particularly good at bike games, I did enjoy this one, great cab, great graphics and flat out game play.

Global VR
Along with the the latest NFS, which has a fantastic cab, was the Justice League brawl em up. Loving the graphics but I found it all a little bit repetitive. I guess that’s how brawl em ups have always played and maybe I’ve played a few to many in my time but this didn’t really do anything for me.

Raw Thrills
The new games from the ever impressive US developer was the newly announced H2 Overdrive which was great fun and is a nice change from the usual racers out there. Bring on more aquatic racers I say. Also there was Guitar Hero Arcade which I’ve already mentioned. There was also a sweet BBH Safari special attraction. This was basically a purpose built room with projector displaying what had to be a about a 100 inch version of Raw Thrills’ popular shooter.

Wasn’t expecting to see this at ATEI! But low and behold it was thier on Highway’s stand. Suffice to say there was a massive crowd around it and I got my arse kicked when it was finally my turn. But it was great to finally play this highly regarded beat em up. Lets hope we see more of these sexy cabs over here!

The second newly announced title was Xtreme Rally from Nanotech. I liked the different approach this game took, with a free roaming style point to point racing, along with traditional style rally driving. I also got the impression this game had a few kinks to iron out before release. So I will look forward to any future improvements this game gets.

E intanto R-Tuned arriva in US, in tinta blu, se vi avanzano 7 mila euro:D:
Sega’s new drift racing game is now available for purchase in the US, according to several different distributor websites. [...] As a side note, Sega has changed the color of the cabinet from a mostly green color scheme to blue but we do not know if they have changed much on the game since there weren’t many reports on how this played before hand. The game does employ an IC card system, even here in the US so one can save their progress to a card. I wonder how many more games will be using Sega’s Lindbergh hardware and if they will start giving Europa some more love throughout the rest of this year.
From the looks of it, most distributors are charging about $7400 for the game but it always pays to shop around, even as an operator.

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ma Sega Race TV che fine ha fatto???? l'ennesimo titolo dal team di Yu Suzuki finito nel nulla??

28-01-2009, 19.51.24
Perchè finito nel nulla? E' uscito l'anno scorso, tra l'altro R-Tuned monta lo stesso cabinato suo.
In Italia non l'ho mai visto ma i costi purtroppo son quelli che sono, e non giro sale grosse.

28-01-2009, 20.09.27
Perchè finito nel nulla? E' uscito l'anno scorso, tra l'altro R-Tuned monta lo stesso cabinato suo.
In Italia non l'ho mai visto ma i costi purtroppo son quelli che sono, e non giro sale grosse.

ah non sapevo fosse già uscito..

28-01-2009, 22.05.05
Minchia che figata il cabinato del Lego Sega
Uno spasso quando butta i mattoncini automaticamente:D
Sembra un po' scomodo per i più grandicelli ma come gioco sembra una forza. Bellissimo.

29-01-2009, 20.40.49
Immagini Stand Sega:
Sega Rally 3, in due versioni, una più bella dell'altra
Il cabinato spacca, notare il drago
L'Harley, altro disegno che spacca
Clay Challenge
Bass Fishing
Il Sega Vision, esiste. Chissà se si riuscirà a trovare a prezzi decenti
Sonic X

29-01-2009, 21.45.39
che spettacolo il cabinato lego... lo voglio pure in italia... peccato che non lo vedremo mai

curioso di vedere rambo, segarally3 e r-tuned

29-01-2009, 22.02.04
io a sega rallu ho giocato...anche se il cabinato era meno figo di quello.

comunque è bello davvero :metal:

29-01-2009, 22.11.39

Ecco il famigerato SEGA Vision che mi fece prendere un colpo al cuore -Evviva, una nuova console!- dissi ma la storia non andò esattamente così

Sega Vision - be the first in the UK to own one! - eBay (item 120357983462 end time Jan-09-09 13:18:45 PST) (http://cgi.ebay.com/Sega-Vision-be-the-first-in-the-UK-to-own-one_W0QQitemZ120357983462QQcmdZViewItemQQptZLH_Def aultDomain_3?hash=item120357983462&_trksid=p3286.m63.l1177)


L'unica cosa per cui lo prenderei è solo il marchio che porta

29-01-2009, 22.39.39
Minchia che prezzo:asd:
Secondo me in futuro si troverà a molto meno, o almeno per ora i premi delle macchina Sega si trovano abbastanza facilmente.

City Hunter
29-01-2009, 23.02.42
mii, 150 sterline, però è semrpe un pezzo di hardware, quindi prima o poi lo piglio :D

05-02-2009, 11.31.08
Forse lo venderanno anche online:
However, Sega Prize Europe is looking to sell the devices online and potentially at certain retail outlets. There hasn’t been a confirmed price, but I was given an estimate of £70 - £90 retail price
In quel caso magari si troverà su Ebay molto facilmente.

Sembra figoso cmq:D

05-02-2009, 11.51.23
Stand Sega, Hummer, Harley e Brick People in video
Voci e suoni anni '90, cabinati stilosi. Viva l'arcade.

05-02-2009, 21.48.31
Sonic Mp3:love: che cazzata ma bellissimo

Sega Spex...mio subito:roll3:

05-02-2009, 21.59.40
impazzisco per il brick people, figata pazzesca.. ma anche gli altri... sembra proprio che sia tornata la sega che dominava sempre negli arcade

spero di vederne molti nuovi se quest'anno vado al mare... anche se da noi le sale giochi sono un pò in crisi mi sembra... sempre arcade vecchi e molti investono più nei cabinati ticket, a jesolo dapertutto cabinati ticket

ma qualcuno ha mai visto un ufo catcher in italia? io l'anno scorso in spagna, peccato solo che non c'erano pupazzi sonicari

City Hunter
05-02-2009, 22.16.47
mai visto, li stavo aspettando visto che qui i premi fanno schifo, sempre pupazzi orrendi, il meno peggio è "winnie dei Pooh" :D che detesto :asd:

Comunque R Tuned e Harley davidson hanno bisogno di una bella conversione (se, semmai sono il che mi devo convertire ad un altra fede, quella segara è troppo sofferta :sisi: )

05-02-2009, 22.48.36
Io ne avevo trovato uno giappoonese SEGA con adesivi di Sonic annessi a Bibione (Veneto)... peccato per i premi!


OMG, Al diavolo il Vision, io mi prendo questo e ci vado pure in giro!

06-02-2009, 08.01.19
OMG, Al diavolo il Vision, io mi prendo questo e ci vado pure in giro!

molto tascabile direi :asd:

06-02-2009, 15.26.32
Lo porto in braccio! Si tratta sempre di Sonic alla fine :heart:

06-02-2009, 20.19.24
Ufo catcher Sega per ora mai visti qui da me.
Brick People è il più bello di tutti:D comunque fa piacere vedere finalmente in occidente e soprattutto in europa una azione più decisa e delle divisioni in gran forma.