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Eric Cartman
25-12-2000, 19.17.00
cooooooooooooool bianco suo candor "droga"
il grinch si inchiappetta Santa Claus...
e tutti pi¨ buoni
con il torrone in mano
ce lo infiliaaaaaaaaaaaaaaam
in bocca (a preferenza di ognuno)
e le renne candlestine
al confin ce le inchiappettiam!!!
Auguri da Babbo Lamer
ho ho ho ho ho
mi consenta....
Diamo pi¨ verde ai drugÓ

27-12-2000, 10.08.00
chiudete questo topic perfavore!!!!!
JarJar http://forums.multiplayer.it/smilies/cwm35.gif


27-12-2000, 11.58.00
Vai Cartman sei il mio mito anche a natale

"It's a fucked up world a fucked up place everybody's judged by their fucked up face fucked up dreams fucked up life a fucked up kid with a fucked up knife fucked up moms and fucked up dads a fucked up cop with a fucked up badge fucked up job with fucked up pay and a fucked up boss is a fucked up day fucked up press and fucked up lies while lethal's in the back with fucked up eyes hey"
Limp Bizkit, Hot dog
Free-uli forever