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Mana RD
29-11-2008, 17.12.15
Questo un evento organizzato da alcuni profili MySpace e siti dedicati a Shenmue...io son dubbioso, ma si potrebbe anche provare.
Riporto paripari il testo dell'iniziativa che mi giunta sul Mio Speiss :)

The date is here, and i've received many replies from all the fans ready to start mailing. Get those toy capsules ready!!! The official date we started is Nov. 27th (Dreamcast's Anniversary) and we will stop mailing Dec. 29th (Shenmue's Anniversary). We have a full month for you to do your mailing. I can't wait to see if we finally get a reply out of Sega :)

I am asking all the fans that are able, to participate in this event. The main idea is that all of us that can will be sending in as many Toy Capsules as we can to SoJ (like the ones you buy in the game).
This style of mass mailing was used by fans of the Tv show Jericho. They sent bags of peanuts to the network and succeeded in getting their show put back on the air!

Now being that many of us will be mailing over seas the Toy packs can get a little pricey, a pack of 1lb of capsules from California is about $20. So if all you can send is a letter, that will be good also. For those who do not want to be bothered with doing the mailing yourself, I have set up a Paypal donation button on the main page, and I will personally take care of the mailing. It will be your choice if you want empty capsules with "shenmue" notes in them, or ones with actual toys. You can decide how many capsules too, if you want to send 3 little ones you bought real quick from the capsule machines at walmart, Cool! If you want to send a full box you ordered from Ebay, even better. Or if you just want to click the donate button on the front on the myspace page, thats fine too....

The actual dates we would like to start the mailing is Nov. 27th (Dreamcast's anniversary) and end on Dec. 29th (Shenmue's 9th anniversary). Please include a letter asking for the continuation of the Shenmue series with your toy capsules, and poster printed from the Shenmue Poster Project. If you are only sending a letter, please include a poster with yours as well. Please be polite in you letters as you will be representing the entire Shenmue fan base :) Also, please take pictures of the packages you are sending and email them to ShenmueAm2@gmail.com

For those who would like to check how much it would cost to mail from their Country/city, Check at your local post office, fedex, or UPS store. Here is Sega of Japan's address:

1-2-12 Haneda
Tokyo 144-8531

You may send an additional pack to Yu Suzuki at the same address:

Yu Suzuki
AM Plus R&D Division
SEGA Corporation
1-2-12 Haneda,
Ohta-ku, Tokyo 144-8531

Please spread the word about this Mass Mailing to other game sites and forums. I will need your help in getting this info to other languages and countries like Japan, Germany, Spain, Brazil, ect...

This event was organized by The Shenmue Myspace Campaign with help from ShenmueDojo, ShenmueCampaign.org, ShenmueFacebook, and Shenmue UK

The Shenmue Myspace Campaign (http://www.myspace.com/legendofshenmue)

29-11-2008, 17.29.01
Queste iniziative sarebbero anche apprezzabili, ma spero non ci sia davvero qualcuno che creda servano a qualcosa (purtroppo) ._.

Mana RD
29-11-2008, 17.31.32
Anche io esprimo i miei dubbi, ma alla fine diffondere il verbo non costa nulla....faccio lo stesso per chiedere la conversione di VF5 R per console...tentar non nuoce, in fondo.

City Hunter
29-11-2008, 17.35.27
Secondo me invece bisognerebbe rpemere pi su progetti realizzabili come VF5R, le conversion iarcade come Afterburner Climax, Valkyria Cgronicles su 360 ecc. che non su Shenmue.

La petizione che abbiamo fatto anni fa stata pi che sufficiente, arrivata a Sega, l'ha vista pure Yu Suzuki, pi di questo?

Mana RD
29-11-2008, 17.40.31
Non prendetevela con me....:mecry:
Come gi detto sto sostenendo l'iniziativa per puro spirito di amicizia con lo Space in questione.
E sto sostenendo pure l'iniziativa di VF5R sul MySpace. Si fa quel che si pu:uiui:

City Hunter
29-11-2008, 17.43.06
no, te hai fatto bene. ;)
semmai io me la prendo con chi pensa solo ad aprire petizioni su shenmue, invece di supportare anche il resto di Sega...

29-11-2008, 19.17.47
no, te hai fatto bene. ;)
semmai io me la prendo con chi pensa solo ad aprire petizioni su shenmue, invece di supportare anche il resto di Sega...

parole sante! ;)