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29-10-2008, 11.35.59
Torna Halloween:

Starting on October 31 and running through November 20, Halloween will be returning to Gurhal! Look out for Rappy Latans!
Casino Voloyal's exchange counter will be updated. Specifics currently are unknown.

Once more specific details are revealed for what will be added to Casino Voloyal (likely PSU Disc 42, the Halloween lobby jukebox disc)

Electronic Brain Mission Spotlight Announced
A new Mission Spotlight has been announced for the Phantasy Star Universe servers. Slated to run from October 27th through November 2nd, this Spotlight will take place at Electronic Brain! In addition, this spotlight is being sponsored by two community groups. PSO-World.com will be the sponsor for the PC/Playstation 2 servers, while Brigade of the Hidden Shadow will help on the XBox 360 servers.