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19-10-2008, 11.28.00
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The (Lightning Carnival)[1] is an upcoming event which will introduce a "theme park" aspect to Gurhal by releasing numerous missions which diverge from the norm. Such missions include quiz, duel and race missions. As with any theme park, (Lightning Carnival) missions require tickets to participate, so be sure to stock up on (Lightning Tickets) at the exchange mission before heading out to the carnival!

Previsto da noi per fine Ottobre(31 credo)!

At the beginning of the (Lightning Carnival), only a few missions will be available. These include the exchange mission, party mission, the first bonus mission and a recruitment mission. All others will be released either on a set schedule through the course of the event or through unlocking them by reaching predetermined milestones in the server-wide point tally. Though these methods have not been confirmed for the localized version of this event, check the event rewards section below for details on how certain mission releases may occur.

(Dengeki Editorial Department) - item exchange mission
(Carnival Standby Area) - recruitment mission
(Do-or-die Spirit - Den) - first bonus mission
(Do-or-die Spirit - Geki) - second bonus mission
(Lightning Speed) - race mission
(Protectors' Choice) - quiz mission
(Television Puzzle) - party mission
(Lightning Duel) - duel mission

Rewards JAPPI(molti possibili anche da noi):

Two weeks of megaholy Photon Fortune
Release of the quiz mission (Protectors' Choice)
Two weeks of half-priced clothes and parts
Stages 7 and 8 added to (Do-or-die Spirit - Den)
Two weeks of free makeovers at Lumilass
New stage added to (Television Puzzle)
Stages 9 and 10 added to (Do-or-die Spirit - Den)
Free set of (Rappy Tippies) for all event participants
New stage added to (Television Puzzle)
Stages 7 and 8 added to (Do-or-die Spirit - Geki)
Release of the race mission (Lightning Speed)
Stages 9 and 10 added to (Do-or-die Spirit - Geki)
20% boost to weapon and line shield synthesis success for two weeks
Stage 11 added to (Do-or-die Spirit - Den) and (Do-or-die Spirit - Geki)
10% boost to weapon grinding success rates for two weeks
Two weeks of 10x normal daily Vol Coin allowance


Sito Jappo: 「電撃!ミッションカーニバル」特 サイト (http://phantasystaruniverse.jp/event/dengekimc2008/)