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28-08-2008, 20.23.53
WotLK Mounts - Spectral Gryphon
Today's mount ... isn't really a mount actually. In the current build of the WotLK beta, people dying in Storm Peaks are resurrected on a ghost flying mount ! Running to your corpse could be very hard in a region with so many mountains and developpers solved it by giving you a very nice mount. Obviously, its only purpose is to make corpse running easier in the zone and it fades off once you're back among the living.


finalmente tornare a recuperare il proprio corpo non sarà noioso, mi sa che mi metterò a svolazzare con la nuova mount nel tempo libero anzi :asd:

31-08-2008, 21.40.44
diamine quelli della blizzy ne pensano una piu del diavolo! è geniale come idea