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29-06-2008, 22.23.39
Dai creatori di Luminous Arc, ecco a voi Arc Rise Fantasia (metto il link perchè le scans sono piuttosto grandi):
JEUXFRANCE.COM : Magazine de Jeux Video (http://www.jeux-france.com/images0_4_28045.html)
JEUXFRANCE.COM : Magazine de Jeux Video (http://www.jeux-france.com/images1_4_28045.html)
JEUXFRANCE.COM : Magazine de Jeux Video (http://www.jeux-france.com/images2_4_28045.html)
JEUXFRANCE.COM : Magazine de Jeux Video (http://www.jeux-france.com/images3_4_28045.html)

Trama e gameplay da Wikipedia:

Arc Rise Fantasia is set in the empire of Meridian. Creatures called "Contaminant Dragons" are causing a lot of trouble as they pass the Meridian in flocks. If you kill one, the resulting explosion poisons the local area. When the empire receives word that a massive horde has its sights on the capital of Diamant, it immediately sends out an army to fight against them, including Bright, a cool and collected novice mercenary, and his friend Alse, the bright and beloved prince and second in line for the throne. Bright is severely injured during the battle, but is saved at the last minute by a girl named Ryphia, a naive and reserved girl who has secrets in her past, possesses the power to control "ley squalls," naturally-occurring storms of magic that usually take the form of luminous rain. And another character named Adele, a Diamant magic instructor who seems to care about fashion just as much as her light-based offensive spells.

The game is a turn-based RPG. There will be three-character parties, with a single AP gauge being shared by the team, which empties as various actions are performed. Multiple attacks are possible, as well as massive attacks that will drain a lot of AP. If team members use the same skills, those skills will be increased. There are also summon beasts in the game called "Roguresu", who serve as the speakers on all worldly matters in the game, help teach you throughout the game. What they teach you is not clear at this time.

Altre figure di spicco tra gli addetti ai lavori sono il "Director" Hiroyuki Kanemaru (Tales of Symphonia), agli scenari Takumi Miyajima (Tales of the Abyss), al character design Kenichi Yoshida (Eureka Seven) e infine alle musiche niente meno che Yasunori Mitsuda (Chrono Trigger, Chrono Cross, Xenogears e altri).

29-06-2008, 22.41.09
Con il successo che ha in jap, arriveranno sicuramente una barca di jrpg (che a me non piacciono, ma son contento per te e tutti gli amanti del genere).

30-06-2008, 03.14.37
Lo spero tanto... per ora è un po' carente.