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22-04-2008, 22.26.05
Mag e altre cosine(job a 20!). Previsti i vestiti di Pso anche se non si sa bene quali, probabilmente ne metteranno tot ogni settimana dell'evento.
Ultimo giorno previsto 22 Maggio. Un mese di evento quindi :uiui:

-MAG begins!
Our next major event kicks off with the missions Maximum Attack G C-S, The Messenger and "Kiriban Get". The last day of this event will be May 22.

Also, for the duration of MAG, Clyez City will be prettied up with decorations specifically for the event.

-New items
* Numerous new weapons and line shields will be added to the game.
* The PSO clothes (some of them, more to come later) will be released.
* New room goods.
* New items at Casino Voloyal including new music discs.
* Shitenkaku's offering box will be updated.

-System updates
* GUARDIAN type level cap will be increased to LV20!
* Swords will be adjusted so that they gain an extra target.
* Chikki-kyorenjin will be nerfed. The base attack power will go from 202% to 161%. The second hit will go from 342% to 182%. PP cost will also be reduced.
* Rifle bullets will receive higher elemental percentages, attack power and accuracy. (This of course does not apply to non-elemental bullets.) Also, rifle PAs at LV31+ will receive the knockdown effect.
* The cost of shooting a rifle without a PA linked will be reduced.
* The elemental percentage of low level laser cannon bullets will be increased.
* The PP cost of Gifoie, Gibarta, Gizonde, Gidiga, Nosdiga, Noszonde and Nosmegid will be reduced.