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Xbox.com, Pagina del Gioco: Xbox.com | Mr. DRILLER Online - Game Detail Page (http://www.xbox.com/en-US/games/m/mrdrilleronlinexboxlivearcade/)

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Trailer: YouTube - Mr. Driller Online Trailer (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1o8cAVvdIgc)

Achievements / Obiettivi: Xbox360Achievements.org - Mr. Driller Achievement Guide (http://www.xbox360achievements.org/guide.php?type=&gameID=675)


* Classic arcade action: All the drilling action you remember from the original arcade game is faithfully recreated in the Xbox LIVE version, with colorful graphics and challenging gameplay. Play the single-player Standard Driller or Quest Driller modes and keep up your air supply.
* Online modes: Take the game online with the split-screen Solo Battle, or try out the team-based Tag Battle.
* Accessible play: Simple controls and deep gameplay make for an addictive gaming experience, suitable for players of all ages and skill levels.

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Se vi state chiedendo la data di uscita... il sito Giapponese di Xbox.com dice questo: 2008/04/02.
Esatto, sarÓ il gioco Live Arcade della prossima settimana.

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Ufficializzato, esce questo Mercoledý anche in Italia;
This week on Arcade: Mr. Driller - Xbox Live's Major Nelson (http://majornelson.com/archive/2008/03/31/this-week-on-arcade-mr-driller.aspx)