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31-01-2008, 12.51.46
Arriva fresco fresco il nuovo update, dopo il Winter Event e la festa dei Newman su Neudaiz:

-NEW STORY MISSION Story Mission Episode 3 Chapter 2: Restorations
-NEW ITEM EXCHANGE MISSION Yokus Melton is the proprietor of the café in the West district of Parum. If you bring Yokus the items that she collects, she will trade you rare items in return -- and you can also check her tips about where to find rare materials. Please stop by Melton's shop! Even original PSU users can exchange items for some rare items.
-NEW ITEMS Color variations for the newest clothing and CAST parts are now available in shops.
Male Clothing: Waiwad set - Five new colors
Female Clothing: Hanaura set - Five new colors
Male CAST Parts: Musagante CV set
Female CAST Parts: Valatines CV set
-New Items have also been added to the offering box in the Ohtoku: Shitenkaku lobby.
-Meseta Drop Rules update:
Calculations for sharing dropped meseta for party will be changed so that meseta will not be received by users in the city or lobbies outside the mission. Meseta will be given only to party members in the mission.
-Item drop rate of PSU enemies changed to the same rate as AOTI:
The original PSU missions will be updated to have the same drop rate as Ambition of the Illuminus.
-Drop items from enemies in AOTI missions:
Some dropped items from enemies in the Ambition of the Illuminus missions will be changed.
-Increased rare material drop rate from normal containers:
The rare material drop rate for containers has been increased for missions with enemies over level 125.
-XBOX 360 TITLE UPDATE In addition to the above changes, there are a number of minor graphical, sound and game play updates for the Xbox 360® video game and entertainment system. These include a fix to the customer text display for the photon gacha machine, making them useable for the Xbox 360. For more information, please check out our announcements page.

In sintesi: Nuovo capitolo story mode, una nuova missione dove scambiare oggetti poco interessanti per cosucce carine e qualche miglioramento nel sistema di drop, soprattutto per le zone del vecchio PSu che ora saranno calibrate come le nuove e quindi piů appetibili!