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24-10-2007, 15.31.17
Se ricordo bene, su questo forum c'era qualche appassionato di Lovecraft.
Vi riporto una press release appena arrivatami nella mail box. Scusate se non ve la traduco.

Official Trailer Released for Horror Adventure Game Inspired by H.P. Lovecraft

Toronto, Canada -- Oct 24, 2007 -- Leading publisher Lighthouse Interactive and developer Zoetrope Interactive today released a trailer for their psychological horror Adventure game, Darkness Within: In Pursuit of Loath Nolder. Scheduled to release in October 2007 on the PC, this chilling Adventure created true to the works of H.P. Lovecraft, successfully combines haunting themes such as the occult, nightmares and paranormal events. The trailer features the sinister and intriguing surroundings of the Wellsmoth Mental Institution, giving players a peek into the disturbing darkness and wicked paths of the human mind. This Windows® Vista(tm) compatible game on CD-ROM is set to bring the Horror Adventure genre to new heights.
As police detective Howard E. Loreid, players are tasked to solve the murder of Clark Field, a wealthy man involved in the occult. At the top of your list of suspects is Loath Nolder; a highly respected private investigator who mysteriously abandoned his last case for reasons unknown. Rumor had it that he ventured to several exotic places around the world learning from tribe shamans and sorcerers. It remains a great mystery as to why Loath Nolder disappeared so suddenly, resurfacing five years later and resuming his investigations just as abruptly as he had left them. Why does this venerated P.I. now sit on the other side of the law?

Your seemingly routine investigation takes a dramatic twist as strange and terrifying happenings begin to plague your psyche. You experience lucid horrifying dreams and are tormented by paranormal happenings. Why do days pass instead of hours when you sleep? What's real and what's not? As you pursue fugitive murder suspect Loath Nolder, you must face dire truths hidden deep within a haunting darkness and the recesses of your mind.


* Built-in Hint System with 3 Difficulty Levels - Players can choose to play in Standard, Detective or Senior Detective modes.
* Unique Inventory System - Utilizing the 'thinking screen' allows players to collect and examine items, and thoughts. Clues can also be researched, combined or used.
* Dynamic Puzzles and Features - Traditional adventure game puzzles are complimented by deciphering dreams and underlining excerpts in documents to garner critical clues.
* Enhanced Gameplay Experience - The proprietary game engine enables compelling special effects, stunning visuals, and dynamic lighting and shading, in a panoramic first person game environment.
* Eerie Gameplay Atmosphere - An immersive experience is created by a fascinating story, chilling real-time cut scenes, and haunting music

In soldoni, a breve dovreste trovare un trailer della suddetta avventura grafica, magari pure qui su M.it :)

qui un po' di foto:
“Lighthouse Interactive” Video Games Publisher of: Ship Simulator 2008, Sword of the Stars, Avencast, SunAge, East India Company, Barrow Hill, Delaware, Undercover (http://www.lighthouse-interactive.com/index.php?main=game&gid=19&chk=gHFqIDy1G1)

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24-10-2007, 16.11.45
La visuale in prima persona, probabilmente fissa su vari scenari non mi ispira molto(da quel che sembra dagli screenshot),mi sembra molto anacronistico.

Comunque Lovecraft :metal: :metal:

24-10-2007, 16.16.29
Ad occhio sembra una produzione piuttosto a basso costo.
Ma se riuscisse ad avere atmosfera come Zork o Myst...