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20-04-2007, 00.39.31
Girano news e articoli interessanti su Sega Rally dopo alcuni eventi europei offerti da Sega. Molte cose riguardano la deformazione del terreno che a quanto pare sembra molto interessante.

- The game itself is currently 80% complete.
- There will online functions no matter what, as well as split-screen multilayer. It isn’t clear at the moment how many players will be supported.
- SEGA Rally Revo will have four of those: two of which will be first-person and the other two third-person. The first two camera’s are located on the bumper and the hood of your car, while the third-person views will either show you a close-up of your car, or will be removed further than normal for maximum view-ability.
- The company also tries to make the game feel more ‘realistic’ in a way by introducing solid graphics and the Track Deformation, but they don’t want to bring in the bad sides of realism to the gameplay either, like being slowed down because of damage.
- “Hollywood damage” to further describe their damage models. Your cars won’t be made of plastic as they will be visibly damaged eventually, but there won’t be any consequences to the performance of your car.
- Weather conditions were promised. When it rains, the course will be filled with mud in no time.
- Plentiful minor details, such as kickback of sand, mud and water.
- Track Deformation will have a noticeable influence on the gameplay, unlike Motorstorm, where it mainly served as a fancy graphical effect.
- After a few laps, the entire surface [of the track] will be changed so drastically, that no round will ever be the same.
- Sega Racing Studio paid a lot attention to the level designs so that the environments look gorgeous.
- There will be more than 30.
- When asked if Daytona USA was the next game in development we were met with a “maybe”.
- SEGA Racing Studio is literally filled with arcade cabinets.
- Sega Racing Studio made up of Ex-Codemasters, Criterion, Rare and Rockstar North developers.
- Runs on a constant 60 frames per second and at 1080p.
- SEGA Rally will include cars with 65 000 polygons each.
- They weren’t willing to inform us about downloadable content, but Mark Fisher did provide us small hints concerning actual unlockables. Sonic will appear “somewhere in the game” and there will also be a couple of familiar moments from previous games returning as cameo’s (such as the helicopter).
- “Presentation in Amsterdam” *Lights up Joint*

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