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16-04-2007, 11.22.36
Blue Dragon with English Subs - May 22nd in Singapore
>> If you can't wait till August 2007 for the official US release of Blue Dragon, gameaxis.com posted some interesting info:

Xbox 360 owners in Singapore as well as other westernized countries can soon look forward to playing Sakaguchi's newest RPG masterpiece come May 22nd. We can all take this news as truly official, as one MS exec revealed to me that Blue Dragon have indeed gotten its release date pushed ahead of schedule. So rather than having to wait till August (as previously stated), 360 gamers can finally taste some sweet RPG love at last next month. And here's the sweetener: MS have listened to RPG fans' feedbacks and have stuck to Blue Dragon's native Japanese audio, but with 100% English texts/subtitles! Way to go Microsoft!

Note: it's unknown atm if this title will be region free ... so don't pre-order yet unless you have a NTSC/J 360.

16-04-2007, 21.10.48
Da quel che ho capito sarà in Jappo sottintitolato in inglese?

16-04-2007, 21.12.17
L'ideale sarebbe lasciare la possibilità all'utente di switchare tra JAP e ENG, ma purtroppo questo è un privilegio dei utenti PS3-BRD.

16-04-2007, 22.15.48
Se è region free...sperando che sti bastardi lo facciano così...mio subito!

Tanto la pal esce tra millemila anni :D