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04-02-2006, 14.01.29
... anche nei negozi :)

It seems Nintendo's hardware designs aren't the only visually appealing objects winning awards. The Nintendo World Store, designed by TGP Architecture and located in New York City, has been bestowed the award for "Store of the Year" and "First Place Specialty Store over 10,000 Square Feet". Winners were chosen last month by the Institute of Store Planners/Visual Merchandising and Store Design.

"For the retail space, TPG chose modular design elements with cutting edge display technology," the press release notes. "Movable kiosks offer flexibility—key for the high-profile events, promotions, and product launches the store hosts. Nintendo’s entire product line is spread across three floors, two sales floors and a concourse level where gamers can hop on nearly 60 interactive gaming stations. The store also houses a floating video tower, housing nine rear projection video screens—the largest measures 100 inches diagonal."

E portatelo pure qui, mannaggia!

Rei 99
05-02-2006, 15.39.36
Ma almeno un catalogo stelel decente, con qualche gadget un pò meno ridicolo.. Non chiediamo tanto :mecry:

05-02-2006, 15.41.24
Madonnamia... andassi a New York giuro che starei almeno 20 ore su 24 in quel negozio.

Rei 99
05-02-2006, 15.54.18
Io lo userei come albergo... Sarebbe fichissimo come in quel film in cui 2 ragazzi rimangono chiusi in un supermercato (ci fosse una bionda americana qui sarebbe perfetto :asd:)

05-02-2006, 23.45.08
discriminati fino alla fine