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02-02-2006, 20.58.16
Source: finalfantasy12.org
Translation credits: ffxii.net, mainly Rainey

-The opening FMV is a freaking 17 minutes one. You can't skip it, nor any other FMV in the game.
-It seems that the save points are scarce. (In other words, no two-three save points in every dungeon like FFX)
-If you die, there is a continue feature like in Kingdom Hearts.
-FFXII is finally 100% finished.
-There is also a mini-game. (Probably, the FFT-styled game)

From a crappy translation, I believe a comment made by some japanese person in that site said that the credits are shown in the opening FMV. (Maybe like Vagrant Story?)


Final Gray
02-02-2006, 21.33.18
Ottimo per il continue (ed anche per il filmato che sicuramente spieghera' il passato di Bash ecc.) :)

04-02-2006, 21.49.13
17 minuti?
*si spara su un piede*

05-02-2006, 00.09.21
vabbe' coi continue i save point non son + necessari
il filmato massi',all'inizio volete proprio morire?
il mini game...?

05-02-2006, 11.43.44
Un FIlmato di 17 minuti !! :eek2: :hail: