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Final Gray
02-02-2006, 17.29.25
Da jeux france:

Announced at the beginning of January on its official site, Wild Arms 5 is shown today on the pages of the Famitsu magazine in this only and single image. Developed by Media Vision, Wild Arms 5 will celebrate in beauty the tenth birthday of the series and should unload in Japan in the current of the year 2006. Sony Computer Entertainment does not have for the moment revealed any real information has prone of its title.


02-02-2006, 18.13.31
Mm... sarÓ il protagonista?? :mumble:

03-02-2006, 13.11.24
qua + in grande:


really good :hail:

04-02-2006, 21.53.02
meh gli episodi 3d non mi son mai piaciuti, speriamo in un ritorno alle origini :\