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Final Gray
31-01-2006, 19.55.42
Sembra venir su veramente bene, adoro questi nuovi jrpg che stanno uscendo per i 2 portatili, giocarli ovunque dev'essere orgasmico. :D

Da jeux france:

Namco reveals about thirty new images of Bruise of the Tempest on Nintendo DS. This new episode of the series entirely realized in 3d will put in scene the young person Caius Qualls accompanied by his friend Rubia Natwick, it will leave to the adventure to discover its origins. The system of combat of the play will take again the principle of the engagements on 3 levels different from Bruise of Rebirth, and will use the tactile properties of the portable console of Nintendo. For any reservation of Bruise of the Tempest before its official exit, the Japanese editor will offer a booklet of 32 pages in particular containing illustrations of the play and an interview of the illustrator of Mutsumi Inomata. The exit of the play is scheduled for next 13 April in Japan.


31-01-2006, 20.47.47
Sì sembra bellino.

02-02-2006, 18.38.04
Can't wait.

Però a vedere queste immagini mi viene troppa voglia di uno zelda ds in cel-shading e on-line... Chiedo troppo? :asd:

The Dash
04-02-2006, 21.44.59
Sembra venir su davvero bene, tecnicamente sembra molto buono