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26-01-2001, 11.59.00
Hallo. My name is Mike Nikolaidis and I am from greece. A month ago I bought from a local store the original cd rom of Fifa 2001. At the begining of playing the game I was very happy watching and playing this game. Meanwile serfing the web I found some patches to fix the teams name of the greek championship and the ingame view of the game. I had also downloaded the updates of some teams. Everything is ok till I noticed something which disapointed me very mutch. First of all the greek teams didn't have their correct jerseys. Ok I designed some and I had entered them into the game. But the problem is somewhere else. I found that nearly all of the leagues the teams have their ingame 3D badges on their shirt, short & socks. Why can't we use the crst badges in the greek championship on our teams? This is not fair. I think it wasn't so difficult to make the crst badges in transperacy mode to work in our teams. I have many friends of mine who they didn't bought the cd rom of Fifa 2001 mainly beacuse of this problem (they think that this is a bad behave from EA sports to the greek funs) and as a second reason the disregardness of the national teams (same problem whith crst and guys what is this? Qatar?... were is Portugal, where is Uruguay? I don't believe it). They prefer to play Fifa 2000 beacuse there are some global patches for the game.
Sorry to so "agressive" but I think I am right. I hope to fix these problems. I would be greatefull if you could send me a solution for the crst problem and if you can't send it to me at least send it to the sites which you are working with. I 'm not asking for new stadiums or better replay view, I am asking a way to solve the crst problem. Thank you for understanding...
Mike Nikolaidis
I nearly forgot. My e-mail adress is: nikolaidis_m@hotmail.com