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20-05-2005, 11.59.22
IGNcube: Can you give us an update on Mario 128?

Shigeru Miyamoto: [Chuckles] I'm just really sorry. I think I've given people the wrong impression with Mario 128. With all the questions I'm getting about this, I really feel like I've done people a disservice. In regards to Mario 128, we're currently doing a lot of Mario experiments back in Kyoto. We are definitely going to have a new Mario for Revolution. Whether or not that's 128 or not, I can't really say. It might be a new Sunshine. We're not sure. We're doing a lot of Mario tests right now for the Revolution.

(Sti cazzi!)


IGNcube: You are a producer on Metroid Prime 3 for Revolution. Can you tell us about the game?

Shigeru Miyamoto: I've been working on the Metroid series with Mr. Tanabe. He's pretty much in charge of where that's going right now. I've been really trying to focus more on the Zelda, Mario and new DS titles, and I'm not really in a position to talk about them right now.

(ma vaffanculo!)


IGNcube: Do we have to wait until E3 2006 for more Revolution info, or do you have a new Space World coming later this year?

Shigeru Miyamoto: That hasn't been determined. We haven't decided yet. I'm sure that there will be information that we'll get out somewhere, somehow, through developers or something. I'm sure there will be some leaks. But next year at E3, everything will be public as far as Revolution is concerned. It will all be out there, which should tell you that we're well into it. It's not that we don't have anything. So next year you'll get it all.

(maledetto giapponesino rompicoglioni)


IGNcube: Have Revolution development kits gone out yet?

Shigeru Miyamoto: We have not sent out development kits to developers yet. However, development kits for the Nintendo Revolution are very similar to the ones for the GameCube. So we feel that the environments are so similar that they will be able to start development very quickly upon receiving the development kits for Revolution.

(caro Miyamoto, ma secondo te siamo tutti coglioni?)


IGNcube: Will you make Kid Icarus for Revolution?

Shigeru Miyamoto: Well, I'm actually working really closely right now with the director of the [original] game. Now, whether or not when we get the Revolution all set up and everything is finalized, well who knows? That might be one of those characters where everybody says, "Hey, with the way our console is designed, that would be a perfect match." My question to you is, if we made this game would you buy it?

(e me lo chiedi? Ne compro due copie per sicurezza, cazzone che non sei altro!)


IGNcube: Have you seen or played any non-Nintendo games at this year's E3 that have impressed you?

Shigeru Miyamoto: I haven't seen any other software yet. I haven't left this room [laughs]. As far as the other company's software, I've heard that Sony brought out a whole bunch of stuff that looked really pretty, but I haven't heard that any of it is playable. So let me ask you something: have you seen anything on the show floor that's really pretty and playable?

IGNcube: Yes. The game that first comes to mind is Okami from Capcom. It's amazing.

Shigeru Miyamoto: What is that on?

IGNcube: PlayStation 2.

Shigeru Miyamoto: Anything for PlayStation 3, that was playable?

(umorismo? magari qu miya c' dentro!)

20-05-2005, 13.43.08
It might be a new Sunshine
non mi basta, questa non e' una rivoluzione

che stanno facendo con Samus?
niente titolo per Rev?
allora ne voglio un terzo su cubo... grazzzie

20-05-2005, 14.03.15
A quanto pare per Revolution il nuovo Metroid

Niente Cubo

20-05-2005, 14.03.19
certo che stanno fancendo prime 3 x revo... nella conferenza si fisto un mini filmato da 10 secondi con samus, una nuova astronave e un 3 a tutto schermo...

se il 128 come sunshine miyamoto una cacca.

20-05-2005, 14.04.19
Sui Retro Studios:

We are now working hard on a new project that will be announced soon.

Preso dal loro sito ufficiale

20-05-2005, 14.06.13
magari quello sparatutto inedito di cui parlavano...

che figata.

i retro rullano.

20-05-2005, 15.26.53
Originally posted by Rozzo
se il 128 come sunshine miyamoto una cacca.

il nuovo mario deve essere NUOVO
deve essere il simbolo della rivoluzione

cosa hanno in mente?
cambiare lo spruzzino con qualcos'altro non bastera' a tenere buoni i fan...

21-05-2005, 23.18.36
nessuno vuole un'altro sunshine :|

21-05-2005, 23.27.34
salvoaga ti posso rubare l'immagine di ps3 owned ?? che la metto in sign al posto di q3 :D