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01-03-2005, 08.38.36
Ciao !
Berlin 1945 ha rilasciato un M24 Chaffee ! Questo carro stato realizzato dal nostro amico Eeyore. Textures dallo Sherman di Sturmtiger e Burn script dal Liberation 1941-1945 mod :)

Eeyore said on old inv44 forum

Some months ago, I was working on a M24 chaffee, but I've lost interest in continuing.

So I thought that maybe someone could/wanted to continue my work.

It's pretty nice, but needs interior, textures and all the configuration.
I'm looking for someone serious.

Clicca e godi ;) ^^ : http://www.storiamilitare.org/be45/b45tankOTH.php

The M24 Chaffee - arguably the best light tank of World War II - was a fast light armoured vehicle with the ability to deliver relatively large caliber direct fire with the excellent 75 mm gun. More than 4.000 produced by Cadillac and Massey-Harris during 1943-45. The first reached Europe in late 1944, where they proved very effective and highly reliable. It remained in American service until 1953.

After 1945 the M24 Chaffee was used by many American allies. The French army used them in Indo-China. Though obsolete by the mid-1960's, it remains in service in some countries. In Taiwan the platform has been re-equipped with a 90mm gun.

Qualche pics:

AT :)