Visualizza versione completa : why Italian Fifa sites are better than the others?

02-05-2000, 13.27.00
Italian patch are the best!


Please reply to me in english, I don't know well italian language, but i'm studying it.

You know Darkblueshadow!

Paolo Falcao
02-05-2000, 14.13.00
Hello Darkbleushdow I'm Guy an italian but before all calles as Paolo Falcao (an old famous Brasilian football player). I'M an editor of Fifa's files. I love edit especially Chants of Italian club like AS Rome, SS Lazio, Inter and others. In Italy th love for the football is so big that people talk about football in every moment of the day; so the Football games are very appresciate and a lot of people like me have decided editing Fifa's site. There are others Fifa's Foreigners sites but the Italians site are better than all others.
If you want to continue write me to falcao@fifamania.it


P.S Are you english or use English because don't speak Italian

Luciano Altomare
02-05-2000, 19.57.00
Scusate la mia ignoranza, ma ho capito davvero pochissimo. Ci traduce?

Luciano Altomare
Webmaster of