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13-02-2005, 13.32.15
Da rpgfan

Chunsoft has announced first details regarding the release of its original RPG Homeland. Before the online-enabled GameCube RPG will hit Japanese retail store shelves in late April, Chunsoft plans to conduct a beta testing phase from March 15th through March 27th. Those who order the game via the company's official website until February 25th will be entitled to a free beta test version of the game. This pre-release version will not only allow players to take part in the beta testing phase next month, but also experience the game's single player mode prior to the official release. Those who order the network bundle, will already receive their network adaptor together with the beta test version in March.
In addition to this beta test campaign, Chunsoft is offering a sweepstakes campaign on its official website. Participating fans can win a free trial version of the game, which differs from the beta test version, as it only allows users to play the game's opening stage.

Homeland will be available in Japan on April 29th. In addition to the standard version, which will be available for 5,800 yen ($54.85 US), a bundle containing the game and a GameCube network adaptor will be released for 6,800 yen ($64.31 US).

13-02-2005, 13.35.30
Comunque in Europa non lo vedremo mai.

13-02-2005, 13.35.52
Chissą se si potrą giocare dall'Europa... http://www.multiplayer.it/forumpics/forums/www/gif/icon3.gif

13-02-2005, 14.18.56
Ehm, mi sa che sono rimasto un po' indietro :rolleyes:

Un link per info?
Sarebbe bello cavare un po' di polvere da quel modem...:rolleyes:

13-02-2005, 14.31.13