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26-01-2005, 20.13.52
Un gioco di cui ingorai l'esistenza fino a quando non lessi questa news, sarà mio esclusivamente per l'elevatissima qualità della sua soundtrack.

"Yes, not for the feint hearted, as soon as games giants, Ubisoft decided it was time to seriously raise the bar on computer game soundtracks they got on the case and set their sights on our very own Amon Tobin. What you get is an electronic record made almost entirely from acoustic instruments, every sound has been lovingly warped and re-warped, handcrafted and caressed before having thousands of volts shot through it for that trademark Amon adrenalin rush. Possibly the first 'proper' videogame soundtrack to be released as an album in its own right, this is also a blinding record. Get it before some blood-crazed, square-eyed sniper driven mad by too many hours with just a console for company turns your head into a dropped watermelon. You know it makes sense...released 7th February or today in NA. "

(Il gioco è Chaos Theory)

Da www.ninjatune.net

26-01-2005, 21.42.20
mmmmm, splinter cell? bello, ma un riassunto delle frasi inglesi non potresti farlo?;) :D