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22-10-2004, 22.02.07
Dopo Sega su Ds ecco Sega su Psp...sempre da Game Spot

Sega announces four more for PSP

'Graphic adventure game,' 'new type of communication game' and more on their way to Sony's handheld courtesy of Sega.
TOKYO--Though none of the titles have a name yet, Sega has announced that it has in development four more titles for the PSP. The games join Puyo Puyo Fever and the enigmatic 'Project S' on the company's official PSP site. The games' descriptions, printed in their entirety below, reveal a bit about what players might expect from them.

- New Type of Communication Game
- Multi-player Sports Game
- Graphic Adventure Game
- Digital Pet Game

Everything else about the titles, from release date to developer to price, is unknown. It is also not yet known whether the games will be brand-new titles or ports of popular Sega franchises. Leaving aside the "new type of communication game," Sega has well-recognized properties in the other three genres.

Sega is known for its multi-player sports series Power Smash (Virtua Tennis); the Sakura Taisen graphic adventure series is very popular in Japan with a fifth installment due next summer; and of course Seaman for the Sega Dreamcast was one of the best-known digital pet games. However, developer Vivarium has been working with other publishers for its PlayStation 2 releases.

GameSpot will bring you any additional information on Sega's PSP lineup as it is revealed.

By Hirohiko Niizumi -- GameSpot
POSTED: 10/22/04 11:26 AM PST

29-10-2004, 12.43.13
Perņ...... interessante davvero questo comunicato.........Sega Rulla!