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During a news conference, Sega Sammy Holdings president and chairman Hajime Satomi mentioned his company would actively look at mergers and acquisitions to become one of the world's five largest third party publishers. While Satomi's comments focused on foreign companies, he did not rule out the possibility of a merger with or acquisition of a Japanese company either. Sega Sammy currently boasts a staff of 600 game developers, most of them working for Sega's internal developing studios Sonic Team, Sega AM2, Sega WOW, Amusement Vision, Hitmaker, Smilebit and Digital Rex. According to Satomi, more than 1,000 developers however are required to become a top five company in the global game business.
Sammy, Japan's leading maker of pachinko slot machines, has acquired a 22.5% stake in Sega from Sega's former parent company CSK earlier this year. Next month, the two companies will merge and form Sega Sammy Holdings.

While Konami has strengthened its position as Japan's largest third party publisher in recent years, Redwood City, California-based Electronic Arts remains the world's largest third party publisher. US publisher Midway and Britain's Eidos Interactive have been among the companies which have been mentioned in recent takeover talks.

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io avevo trovato anche questo:

"Sega and Sammy predict growth ahead

Estimated net profit for the current fiscal year gets toned down, but a massive profit increase is planned for the coming year.
TOKYO--Sammy and Sega announced that the two developers are aiming to raise company profits by 40 percent in the next three years. The two companies will be merging at the beginning of next month under a new holding company, Sega Sammy Holdings. The $1.4 billion merger is expected to make Sega and Sammy one of the largest game and Pachinko pinball makers in Japan.

Sega Sammy Holdings for the fiscal year ending March 2007 will aim for a group net profit of 68 billion yen ($620 million) and sales of 625 billion yen ($5.69 billion). That's a 40 percent leap from the current fiscal year's estimated combined net profit of 47.5 billion yen ($433 million), and a 20 percent leap from the expected combined sales of 520 billion yen ($4.73 billion).

The 47.5 billion yen of net profit expected for the current fiscal year is an updated figure announced by Sega and Sammy yesterday. It's actually 5.5 billion yen lower than the previously estimated figure of 53 billion yen ($483 million), but the companies explain that the forecast revision is based on offsets between the two company's transactions rather than on losses from business. The new figure will still be higher than the two company's profits from last year, which was 41 billion yen ($374 million) combined.

According to Bloomberg Japan, Sega and Sammy hope to become one of the top five game makers in the industry, but about three quarters of the operation's profits are slated to be earned by the Pachinko business side.

Sega Sammy Holdings, which will manage the two companies, will consist of 50 employees: 30 from Sammy and 20 from Sega. Regarding thoughts of any game developers departing from Sega, Sammy chairman Hajime Satomi commented, "I thought it was probable, but it hasnšt happened at all yet. Wešre very much being welcomed."

Seeing that a strong presence in the game space is essential for its international standing, and that the current number of R&D staff may not be enough to fuel the targeted growth (there are 400 developers in Japan and 200 overseas), Sega and Sammy are planning to increase the number of developers mainly though mergers and acquisitions of game studios in Europe, the company said. "

By Hirohiko Niizumi -- GameSpot

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In pratica che c'č scritto? °°

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sarebbe bello se sega-sammy tirasse fuori una bella atomiswave versione home che ne dite?

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Originally posted by GATSU-LIVORNO
sarebbe bello se sega-sammy tirasse fuori una bella atomiswave versione home che ne dite?

Magari, ma con hardware da next-generation, altrimenti era meglio che continuavano col Dreamcast...

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Originally posted by Hazuki
Magari, ma con hardware da next-generation, altrimenti era meglio che continuavano col Dreamcast...