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12-08-2004, 15.35.29
Cosa sarebbe?


12-08-2004, 19.20.28
fai copia incolla, mica mi devo registrare per risponderti :D

12-08-2004, 19.51.05
Originally posted by destino
fai copia incolla, mica mi devo registrare per risponderti :D
dai aza che son curioso

12-08-2004, 20.38.27
Special Events serve the community by giving a bi-weekly chance to talk to the development team. Hosted by Mirko Worsley, the event takes place on a IRC channel hosted by holonet.org. On every other Chat event, the Host manages to kidnapp on the the Developers and abuses him as a Special Guest for the Sacred Team to talk about the current issues and have the community ask questions. These Events usually take place on a Thursday at 9pm CET (GMT+1). You will require an IRC Client in order to Join the chats, or just click on the Sacred Chat Room link found under Community in the Menu to the left.

Poi ci sono 4 eventi sempre in inglese, ma troppo lunghi ...

12-08-2004, 22.24.22
mah sembra solo una kiakkeratina in chat cogli sviluppatori :doubt:

13-08-2004, 10.02.42
Ah ecco, facile.
Comunque quello un bel sito iscrivetevi ..