Visualizza versione completa : Prime immagini VF4 Final Tuned!

11-06-2004, 20.47.25

Here are the first ever screens from the latest, ultra-tweaked version of VF4 - considered by many to be the finest game ever crafted in the 3D fighting genre - Virtua Fighter 4: Final Tuned.

The screenshots, which were recently published on Japanese site Game Watch, show that a considerably souped-up graphics engine has made it into the game, which again offers modified backgrounds and possibly some new ones too.

A whole host of new techniques - including air throws - are said to have made it into the game.

Virtua Fighter 4 Final Tuned will be the last VF title until Virtua Fighter 5 is released on next generation arcade hardware, but we don't estimate its arrival until 2006.

Talking to Kikizo last year, Yu Suzuki confirmed that the fifth title has been in progress for some time. The recent Sammy news is likely to enhance its development process, not hinder it, since it is an arcade title - the most successful arcade series in Japan - first and foremost, and the Sega Sammy strategy revolves around the arcade business.

Even if - as some have gossiped - the merging of all Sega studios into one causes key prople such as Yu Suzuki - who still oversees AM2 projects including VF5 - to pack their bags, there is still plenty of talent at the studio that would ensure the quality of the game. Yu Suzuki had little in the way hands-on involvement with VF4.

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