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20-08-2001, 08.52.00
Lo so, questi sono molti cambiamenti fasulli e invetati di sana pianta, ma troppo divertente leggersi le cazzate che in un'ora di tempo sono state scritte sul forum ufficiale di Diablo2...ve ne riporto una...ricordo, sono tutte inventate, ma chissa, magari quacosa di vero c' anche!!! :)

Diablo II Version History
- Patch 1.09 (Lord of Destruction and Standard)
* Note: certain item changes will not apply retroactively to already
existing items.

Skill Balance Changes
- Decrepify no longer reduces the damage Resistance of immune
- Reduced damage of additional levels of Firewall starting from level
- Changed Telekinesis to only work on scrolls, potions, keys, gold,
arrows and bolts.

Modifications-Lord of Destruction
- The mouse-over functionality of hireling portraits has been
You now must keep your mouse cursor over your hireling for three
seconds before the portrait highlights and the text "Drop potion
on hireling portrait, right-click to open inventory" appears.
- Gold sharing among party members has been removed.
- Players can no longer give or take items from a hireling if they
are not within range (this fixes a bug where the game would crash if
a player gave or removed an item from a hireling when the Hireling
was out of range).
- Changed enhanced defense per level and enhanced damage per level to
display the exact amount of enhancement.
- Changed 'Hit Blinds Target' to a level-based formula.
- Changed 'Freezes Target' item modifier to a level-based formula
(improved for melee characters).
- Changed display of enhanced damage vs. demons and enhanced damage
vs. undead to be +x% instead of x%.
- Added potential for sockets to Bone Visage Elite Bone Helm, Troll's
Nest and Blade Barrier Elite Shields.
- Improved drops for placed (super) Unique monsters such as
Bishibosh, Rakanishu, et. al.
- Improved drops for certain quest monsters such as Blood Raven, The
Countess, The Cow King, et. al.
- Duriel now always drops a Town Portal scroll in addition to his
regular drop.
- Enabled certain Horadric Cube recipes that were disabled in v1.08.
- Enabled "add socket" Horadric Cube recipe.
- Made "add socket" Horadric Cube recipe not work on socketed
- Added several very low-level magic affixes.
- Restricted some affixes from generating on certain item types.
- Rare items will now always spawn with three or more affixes if
- Increased chances for 'of blocking' and 'of deflecting' suffix.
- Added increased block rate to 'of blocking' and 'of
- Personalized item names are now printed in the color of base type.
- Added base item type to highlight info for rune word items.
- Non-weapon items that add damage now do so with regards to bow
- Adjusted strength & dexterity damage bonus for certain items.
- Changed the 'Ethereal' property to modify base stats.
- Changed the 'Reduce Magic Damage' property to spread across frames
for multi-frame attacks (such as firewall).
- Altered stats of many Unique items*.
- Altered stats of a few Set items*.
- Altered stats of a few rune word items.
- The Shae, Po, and Jo runes have been renamed. They are now the
Shael, Io, and Jah runes respectively
- Reduced chances of elemental damage affixes spawning on Charms.
- Increased bonuses for affixes that increase stack size on Throwing
- Increase chances of Self-repair affixes.
- Increase chances and potency of Replenish quantity affixes*.
- Increased stack sizes of most Throwing weapons.
- Enabled normal Orbs and Circlets.
- Increased maximum number of sockets for some items.
- Rare Jewels are now capped at a maximum of four affixes.
- Adjusted weapon and armor levels and level requirements.
- Stacked items with poison damage now average their poison duration.
- Rejuvenation potions now automatically go into the belt if picked
up from the ground.
- Rejuvenation potions can now be shift-clicked from the inventory
into an equipped belt.
- Adjusted the Hireling experience system.
- Altered Act 2 Hireling Auras.
- Changed Hireling damage to 50% against bosses in normal,
40% in nightmare, and 25% in hell difficulties.
- Raised maximum price vendors will pay for an item to 30,000 gold
pieces in nightmare difficulty, and 35,000 gold pieces in hell
- Added health Regeneration to all hireling types.
- Iron Maiden and Thorns effects now treat Hirelings as players with
respect to damage.
- Hirelings now gain experience from monsters killed by Minions and
other party members.
- Using a potion from the belt (either by hotkey or right-clicking)
while holding down the shift key will give the potion to the player's
hireling if he/she has one.
- Lowered maximum duration for which Hirelings could be stunned.
- Iron Golems are now saved with the player.
- Color coded monsters' elemental/physical immunity info display.
(For example, Fire Immune is printed in red).
- Changed monster stats back to what they were before v1.08.
- Reduced the Resistance bonus for Magic Resistant Uniques (It was
75%; it is now 40%).
- The monsters in Act 4 that eat corpses will no longer eat corpses
that have already been used.
- The Resistance penalty at higher difficulty levels no longer
applies to Magic Resistance.
- Crush Beasts no longer give only 1 exp when they are killed.
- Changed PvP penalty for players or Hirelings attacking other
players to 1/4.
- Implemented PvP penalty of 1/2 for Hirelings attacking other
- Town portal use has been restricted to party members only.
- Reduced damage multiplier for act-end boss attacks vs. minions.
- Broken Ethereal items now sell for 1 gold.
- Added Thawing Potions to vendor inventories in Act IV and Act V.
- It is now possible (albeit very rare) to get Set and Unique items
from gambling.
- Increased the chances of getting a Rare item from gambling.
- Keys may now be purchased in bulk (shift + right-click).
- Swapped properties for Jah and Cham runes in weapons.
- Added rune words for Single Player/Other Multi Player which
previously only showed up on Realm games.
- Adjusted hover text box sizes.
- Updated the pop-up text to reflect adjusted monster attack and
- Adjusted memory management code.
- Typing "players X", where X is a number between the current
number of players and the maximum (8), in the message box will now
set the effective number of players in the game (in single player,
open Battle.net and TCP/IP games only).
- Removed global Physical Resistance from Nightmare difficulty games.
- Fixed a bug where Tyrael would sometimes create an inaccessible
- Fixed a bug where a player who was disconnected from Battle.net
while in the Imbue screen would crash.

Major Bugs
- Fixed bonus to Undead damage modifier to work with ranged weapons.
- Fixed bonus to Demon damage modifier to work with ranged weapons.
- Fixed 'Reduces Target Defense' modifier to work with ranged
- Fixed a bug where item-specific partial Set bonuses didn't get
- Fixed a bug where the enhanced defense for items that gained it on
a per level basis was improperly calculated (such as Blackoak
- Fixed a bug where the enhanced damage for items that gained it on a
per level basis was improperly calculated (such as Hellslayer).
- Fixed a bug where certain two-handed and missile weapons did not
get the displayed damage bonus (such as Magewrath).*
- Fixed Piercing weapons to work correctly with Amazon skills (such
as Doomslinger).
- Fixed a bug where items could give characters skills that are
exclusive to another Character class.
- Fixed a bug with weapon swapping which allowed some character
classes to dual wield items. When a player that is illegally wielding
two items enters a game, one of the items will be deleted.
- Fixed bug which allowed certain Horadric Cube recipes that were
meant to be disabled to continue to function.
- Fixed a bug where trying to display the highlight info for an item
with too many modifiers would crash the game.
- Fixed a bug in using an item that gives Werewolf/Werebear skills
when no skill points were originally assigned to those skills caused
an assertion.
- Fixed various bugs with the second quest of Act 5.
- (Macintosh Only) Fixed a bug where a user running Diablo II
Expansion in 800x600 received an assertion when entering Diablo II
standard games.

Minor Bugs
- Fixed a bug where Elemental damage did not display correctly for
Throwing Weapons.
- Fixed a bug in the determination of magic affix levels.
- Fixed a bug that allowed Ethereal throwing items to be stacked with
non-Ethereal ones.
- Fixed a bug where it was possible to repair and/or recharge Charged
Ethereal items.
- Fixed a bug where it was possible to repair Throwing Potions.
- Fixed a bug where Throwing Weapons brought from standard Diablo II
could not be Imbued in Diablo II Expansion Set.
- Fixed a bug where certain Paladin shields were not able to be
- Fixed a bug where it sometimes did not verify replacing a dead
hireling with a new one.
- Fixed a bug that allowed the same Unique to be spawned more than
once in a game.
- Fixed various Horadric Cube recipes that create magic items.
- Fixed a bug that caused a rune word item to lose its rune word
bonuses when transferred off of the character who created it.
- Fixed a bug which caused the variable attributes of a rune word
item to reset inappropriately.
- Fixed a bug where using the Taunt skill would sometimes cause the
game to crash.
- Fixed a bug where the Firewall animation display without doing any
- Fixed a bug where Sanctuary allows the Paladin to ignore an Undead
monster's damage resistance.
- Fixed a bug where left-hand throw was throwing using too many
missiles per throw.
- Fixed a bug where certain Charged items would use multiple charges
per casting.
- Fixed a bug that caused Cold Mastery to think other players were
immune when they were not.
- Fixed a bug where you could select Baal's dead tentacles.
- Fixed a bug where in a Realm game, Nihlathak would remain in town
even after another player killed him.
- Fixed a bug where Anya would not always give a class-specific item
for her quest reward.
- Fixed a bug where the invisible monster in the Worldstone Keep
could be affected by Monster Shrines.
- Fixed a bug where Monster Shrines could affect Druid Vines.
- Fixed bug where Regurgitators would eat Hirelings and destroy them.
- Fixed Act 1 hirelings to be able to use bows with special arrows
(such as Witherstring).
- Fixed a bug where hirelings' items would not update if they could
no longer meet the requirements to wear them.
- Fixed Immolation Arrow to do initial weapon damage; no base
physical damage is included in the radius.
- Fixed Freezing Arrow to do initial weapon damage; no base physical
damage is included in the radius.
- Fixed Poison Javelin to do initial weapon damage.
- Fixed Plague Javelin to do initial weapon damage.
- Fixed Lightning Fury to do initial weapon damage.
- Fixed a Fend bug that would abort the Fend prematurely on the
(This applies to Zeal and various other skills as well.)
- Fixed a bug that caused the game to crash when a character clicked
on his/her own feet.
- Fixed invalid line Automap options from v1.08.
- Fixed drawing problem for charges/ammo counts on skill icons where
the number of charges would extend off the icon.
- Fixed some spelling errors in the text.
- Fixed some errors in translations.
- Fixed a variety of crash bugs.
- Fixed a bug where hireling health regeneration was dependent on the
number of players in game.
- Fixed a bug that allowed hirelings to be converted.
- Fixed a bug where items that add to skills had no effect on
- (Macintosh Only) Fixed a bug that made it possible to have the
character walk endlessly toward the lower left corner of the screen
without input from the player.
- Fixed a bug that caused garbage characters to appear at the top of
the screen at the start of a realm game.

- Fixed a bug in Diablo II where uniques and champions could drop
throwing items as their "magic" item drop.
- Fixed a bug that allowed Diablo II players to put a socket in rare
items with the Horadric cube recipe.
- Fixed a bug in Diablo II that allowed hirelings to be brought into
other acts.

- Changed the Diablo II Standard blocking method back to the old
- Adjusted damage and attack rating of monsters in Diablo II
- Removed global Physical Resistance for monsters in Hell difficulty
in Diablo II Standard.

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Ops...scusate, qualcuno lo aveva gia postato....chiedo umilmente scusa!!!

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No problem :) se non fosse per certe scemate, la lista che hai trovato potrebbe essere confusa in modo quasi convincente con quella legittima.

OKKIO che gira in rete una patch "versione 1.09" fasulla che contiene un Trojan/Keylogger <<<<- quest'ultimo PERICOLOSISSIMO visto che ci che scrivete su schermo loggato e mandato al detentore del tale programma, tipo password, lettere private, numeri carta di credito eccetera. ATTENTI!

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Cavolo, vi rendete conto se fosse vero? preso pari, fixati errori nelle traduzioni, quindi niente pi Cinquedas[superior]+mp e niente pi bastoni che camminano??? io torno a giocare con la 108 :rolleyes: :o :rolleyes:

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Ma le verghe del bruciore della penetrazione resteranno nel gioco, non vero? :rolleyes: