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The DarkStar
10-08-2001, 20.03.00
RuneWords: More should be enabled on the Realms (though they tend to do these in server side updates all the time) and most of the currently known ones will be added to the downloadable v1.09 so they'll work for non-realm play as well. Blizzard doesn't add them all in since we could see them in the game code and would post them. Blizzard wants people to have something to hunt for and experiment with.

Ci vuol dire che le Runeword funzioneranno anche in single????

10-08-2001, 20.17.00
Si, ma solo quelle scoperte sino ad adesso.

11-08-2001, 09.03.00
B meglio che niente!!
sto aspettando da gorni la patch per fare la holy thunder!!