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12-03-2004, 14.52.13

Konami of Europe’s seminal football simulation set to run out for Microsoft’s Xbox® video game system in 2004

Konami of Europe has confirmed what football fans have wanted to hear for years: that its hugely successful Pro Evolution SoccerTM franchise is to make its debut on the Xbox® video game system from Microsoft.

Widely regarded as the definitive football game for any format, the Tokyo-based team behind the game is now set to dazzle a wider range of football fans, with the advent of the first Pro Evolution SoccerTM title for Xbox. From its humble roots in the mid-90s, the Pro Evolution SoccerTM franchise has won a series of accolades and fans. Its intuitive gameplay offers players the most realistic controls of any football game, with slick runs, deft passes and first-time shots all faithfully recreated. Similarly, the series enjoys a stunning level of detail, with players not only resembling their real-life superstar counterparts, but also sharing many moves and playing traits.

The first Pro Evolution SoccerTM for Xbox will be released in Q4, 2004, and is certain to wow an all-new audience of fans by adding the fantastic graphics sounds and gameplay that Xbox is known for to the series. "We are delighted to be bringing what is rightly seen as the pinnacle of football titles to a new legion of fans," commented Kunio Neo, President, Konami of Europe. "It is one of Konami's most prestigious and most important titles, and we anticipate that the Xbox version will enjoy the same phenomenal level of success as its predecessors on other formats."

"Pro Evolution SoccerTM is a fantastic football simulation," added Michel Cassius, Senior Director, Xbox Platform and Marketing. "Konami's reputation for delivering stunning match-day action that plays almost identically to the real thing is renowned across the globe. Coupled with the fantastic graphics and advanced gameplay that Xbox offers, we foresee one of the greatest transfers of all time when Pro Evolution SoccerTM signs for Xbox."

The Pro Evolution SoccerTM franchise will be released for the Xbox video game system from Microsoft, in Q4 2004, price TBC.

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