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13-01-2004, 20.24.15
ED Fries, vice-president of Microsoft Games Studios and chief of the development first party on Xbox suddenly will leave its station after 18 years of service for the American company ' to reach new buts'. This character was certainly médiadique of the universe Xbox, us recontré it besides during several events.

It is Shane Kim, more than 14 years of experiment in the company which will replace ED Fries. By way of consequences, the strategy of the internal developments could be slightly modified thereafter.

Fonte Jeux-France.

City Hunter
14-01-2004, 15.25.08
Non credo che cambierà più di tanto, mal che vada quello che lo sostituirà non si metterà a ballare sul palco dell'E3 :D

Al momento, l'unica notizia che mi potrebbe sorprendere sarebbe l'annuncio di Outrun II e Shenmue III only on Xbox...