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14-11-2003, 17.24.52
da the-magicbox:

- Sega AM2 announced they are currently working on a new arcade 3D dungeons action game called Quest of D.

- Here are some new images of Sega's NAOMI 2 arcade racing game Initial D Arcade Stage Ver. 3. The game will have two new courses, four new vehicles and three new opponent characters. In addition, some race course will have different racing conditions, such as slippery snow. (Source: Game Watch)

(il link e' questo nds: http://www.the-magicbox.com/game111403a.shtml )

- Here are some new images and a preview video of Sega's NAOMI 2 arcade sports game Ollie King, the game is created by the team who is behind Jet Set Radio.

(il link e' questo nds: http://www.the-magicbox.com/game111403b.shtml )


15-11-2003, 02.01.17
Presto saranno svelate alcune novitÓ

Finally! After a few months of sadness, Sega soon will reveal its new projects for the winter 2004. After a long silence, one hopes to be able to throw an eye on the futures hits of the company to the blue hedgehog. The appointment is taken on December 5 at the time of a meeting in Osaka in Japan.

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