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04-11-2003, 19.13.54
Questo post lo copio di pari passo dal post di un'amica di un forum internazionale su LoD. Devo dividerlo in due parti, perch in un solo post non ci sta tutto. :asd:

Le informazioni sono state prese da lei sul forum ufficiale di battle.net. Tra l'altro qui non sono nemmeno riportati tutti, ma i pi significativi. ;)

Originally posted by Kamille

This is a collection from the official D2 battle.net forum.
Since its rather long i ll stress out some major bugs:

1st SC Players that die then get a new weappon, die again, then go pick up theire 1st body with all the stuff, after this leave the game will appear NACKED in the next game with the corpse with just the new weapon.

2nd Assasine can kill Players IN TOWN, with her shadowmater. Just go hostile, cast the shadowmaster behind the target, cast Midnblast on it, then it will follow the target and slay it in town.

3rd to avoid the 10 sec delay before using wp after going hostile, have the party screen open, then klick on the wp. While your chars walks to it, in the second he touches the edge of the wp, go hostile. The Wp Screen will pop up and you will be able to teleport.

4th NM AND HELL ANCIENTS CAN KILL EVERYTHING WITH ONE HIT. Most people report of Talic or Madwak, having fire enchant, standing still while the other 2 are moving and after 2 sec u are dead even with 3k hp.

Here is a more complete list:
collected by Zethiros

Pending Bugs

Pathing in some places is bugged so that the character will get stuck and have to exit-then-re_enter the game to fix.

Putting "Immolation Arrow" in the Left Skill Slot and "Valkyrie" in the Right Slot makes you unable to cast Immolation Arrow untill the cool-down that Valkyrie has is over. This happens when Valkyrie is cast first.

If you place the Staff in the orifice in Tal'Rashas tomb, and then die before pressing "Ok", when another member of your party puts on his staff in the orfice and presses "Ok" and you retrive your corpse, you get all your gear but you corspe will still be on the floor. This corpse is with you for the rest of that difficulty level and can only be picked up in the next difficulty.

Sometimes the "Golden Bird" quest (Act III) doesn't spawn the Jade Figureine upon the death of the first Unique monster you encounter. However, once the unique is dead, the quest changes it's quest-messages and objectives as if you had gotten the Figureing.

Sometimes ressurecting merc's causes the game to "freeze" (As in not letting the player do anything, but the game is still running ect.).

Sometimes party-members do not show as "in-the-party-X's" on the Mini-map. Mainly seen with the zons decoy

Barbarian's leap attack is not treated as a ranged attack any longer. This 'bug' was encountered when a Barbarian was cursed with Iron Maiden and tried to Leap-Attack the mage, the Barbarians health was damaged with the Iron Maiden before he even jumped.

Using the command line switch "-ns" to disable ingame sound causes the game to crash when a character completes an act and attempts to move to the next act for the first time.

When you get a spell so advanced that it doesn't have a mana cost of 0, you still can't cast the spell when your mana is at 0.

Runeword "Delirium" doesn't work/show properly in Helms.

Sorceresses will occassionally misfire a Fireball or Fire Bolt when holding down the appropriate button while highlighting a monster. The fireball/fire bolt in question usually flies towards top-right if the monster is south of you. This usually is in conjunction with getting hit.

Using the Cube a lot causes you to not be able to pick up things, use WP's, talk to NPC's, ect.

"Prayer" (Paladin) drains mana when: 1) Not in party, 2) You have full health. Mana Drain stops when switching to a different skill .

Anti-Rush TP-quest requirements still don't prohibit a person from completing an act if his party kills the act boss while the person getting the quest just sits in town. [Not sure if this works on all acts, the only one mentioned was Act 5 where you would be able to progess into NM after beating Baal]

Using items with + to certain skills shows the skill stats correctly in the Skill Tree but shows the skills as if they had no add-ons in the bottom right/left menues.

Somtimes Healing Potions don't work until used a couple of times.

The Absentee spell "Fissure" still has its effects happen when the player leaves the premises, but the spell effects stop.

Fist of the Heavens (FOH, Paladin) doesn't work on ACT 5 Crush Beasts.

Strafe doesn't deal correct amount of damage. 3/4th ratio probably bugs it up. [Example: You deal 1000 damage, 1/4th of that subtracted from 1000 = 750. Level 20 Strafe grants 100% increased damage. So that means 750x2=1500 (damage you should be dealing). But it isn't. ]

Malah somtimes gives 2 Scrolls of Resistance when inventories are full. Bug occured in Nightmare in Single Player.

04-11-2003, 19.14.57
Originally posted by Kamille

Confirmed Bugs

If the Horadric Staff was assembled prior to 1.10, the orfice in Tal'Rasha's tomb can't be opened with it.

Hirelings (Mercs) don't gain EXP for party-members kills.

Items from 1.09 with the "Zod" rune in it are still indestructible when the Zod rune is removed with the Cube.

When a paladin equips and uses items with certain + to aura skills which he has no points in, the aura will keep "flashing" when switched to another weapon, even if the weapon with the skill is removed from the character. The effect doesn't stay, only the aura-animation.

/help doesn't work in games; typing /help tells you to use /help TOPIC (ie. commands, aliases), but typing /help <TOPIC> causes it to say "correct usage: /help"

The character in the spanish version doesnt appear when whispering, in game it works, but if you try to whisper you'll get some strange character, same with the character. [Also includes "" and maybe some others]

Slow is bugged, doesn't slow to the correct amount.

Killing a unique monster that spawns another creature causes the spawned creature to have the exact same stats as the unique.

Leap Attacking with a barbarian for a long time and then getting hit in the air renders you sometimes unable to use the skill agan untill you rejoin.

Somtimes Valkyrie's just die for no reason - even when at full health. [people have reported that Assassin's Shadow Hunters just "poof" occasionally, along with Valkyries]

Sometimes weapons don't show on characters.

Occasionally, players will have abnormally (about 2 - 3x bigger) large life-bars when a curser is held over their character.

Lobby Bug - To Replicate: Log in as a character, hit "Enter Chat" button. Now quit to character selection screen, log in as another character/same character and the Lobby will show the people that were in the chat channel you just joined all over the bottom area of the Lobby.

Broken ethereal items with selfrepair work except if they are already at full durability then they never go back from red (i.e. items that were broken and fully repaired from 1.09).

Every person who uses the Spanish or German versions of Diablo II crashes the game when the put they cursor over any runeworded weapon that gives aura (Beast, Doom). Even looking at it through the trading window.

When you're going to get your body, if you click on it and 'pick up' an item from your inventory before you reach your corpse - the item you 'picked up' dissapears when you get your corpse.

Joining a game from the Lobby and then changing your character in that game in some way (leveling, new armor, ect.), then exiting the game causes the Lobby to still show the old characters stats.

Using Assassin's "Dragon Tail" finishing move when frozen/slowed with cold causes you to take 4-6 seconds to use the skill and get back into normal position.

Somtimes doors don't display their proper "status" (opened, closed). This was reported to happen specifically to the 'doors' to the Catacombs cells.

Using the "Unsummon" skill, you can move your curser over your mercinary - it will constantly show 4/5th of the Health Bar filled in.

The Delete Character buttons don't follow the "Hold and Let Go" rules every other button in the game does.

Ice-skating bug. In town, make your character run, then immediately press SHIFT+right mouse button.. and you'll get your character moving, but without the running animation.

Feral Rage/Maul don't show "Charge Up" graphic correctly.

Mercinaries stay "green" after being cured from poison.

Sometimes opening chests, kicking glasses, or using shrines causes the character to "teleport" onto the object in question.

Zeal (Paladin) somtimes doesn't work corrently; one hit, the rest miss. Also, when you click an enemy with the spell and then run up to it to use ths spell, it causes you to only do single attacks. Repositioning yourself fixes this both of these.

When out of mana as a werewolf druid, fury/feral will not do a single attack, but instead do NOTHING and say "not enough mana". You're then forced to change to a regular attack before you use the ability again.

Joining Necromancer Trade Channel causes Bnet to crash! Tested 3 times and "tested" the chat channels - D/C's from Bnet when I try to enter Necromancer Trade Channel. Still may only be me

CNTRL Selling unsellable items causes "Internet Connection Interrupted" or whatever it says, basically kicks you from game

Thats all for now, but reason enough for 1.10b i think. Oh wait there wont be anymore pacthes. well then good bye d2.


Ok then here are some more bugs:

Pala Skill charge is buged: U can get be frozen or when using pala stops and does nothing. If so u wont be able to use charge in this game agian.

If char is standing next to any two walls or objects in act2 takrashas tomb and gets hit by the black missle attack from the mummys, he'll sometimes get stuck (cant walk but can turn in-place). casting a portal and clicking on it helps. it also helps to un-equip the weapon to free him.

when unsocketing legit 08 items and resocketin them, it happend that they are gone in the next game.

The Password recovery EMail thing seems to be not working. Or its just not automated and u have to wait until someone sends ur pw manualy. Would be pretty useless then.

about SoJ Counter and World Event from GF: Yes the event is separated between Ladder and Non Ladder. The counter IS messed up. It's related to the different game servers. It should be a global counter for everyone in either ladder or normal.

When u are depending on +str from equiment to wear for example an armor, u can replace this item after u put the armor on, and u are still wearing it.

when you kill the Council in act3 and you don't have a Horadric Cube, it will drop one for you.

Evviva le fasi di testing. Sono utili a creare meno bugs nei giochi. :ihih: :asd: :ihih:

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Che figa la Canalis :D

Lista di bug interminabile... :azz:

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Figata vero troppo bello quando nei games pubblici il maestro della mia trap assa killava le ama in town :D :D :D

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La saga continua, nuovo post della tedescona. :D

Originally posted by Kamille

It doesnt stop. Here are even more bugs. I will keep posting them. If you find some not mentioned here yet, plz post them too.

- If Somebody in party saves Anya, and you are not there, it happend that quest log said "Talk to Anya" afterwards. If you then talk to Anya, the quest is completed. But you don't get the resist scroll!!!!

- wearing full Trang-Oul's set will increase casting delay resulting in slower casting (even with fast cast items).

- when you go with a party in act 3 and have someone else collect all pieces in the same game and smash the orb, when your done the quest and go back to act 3 cain says the same thing about the council over and over again, and you cant id or talk until hes done saying what hes saying. Minor bad anoying

- And here is something special about the "Bad Inventory Data" Msg on char logon from Blizz:

If your Battle.net character will not load, it may have become corrupt. You may see error messages like "Bad Dead Bodies", "Bad Inventory Data", "Bad Hireables", or "Bad Generic File".
Please submit your character information using the webform located at http://www.blizzard.com/support/?id=eD2status000 . Each character you want investigated must be submitted separately. There is no guarantee we will be able to repair or restore your character.
You will receive an email once the character has been investigated.Sono sempre pi felice quando leggo tutto ci. :asd:

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In HC ho gia minacciato parecchi baba leecher, ma sopratutto quegli stupidi pk del clan UD :asd:

05-11-2003, 12.24.32
azz vero in hc il bug dell'assa x killare in town terrificante.....