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Kanon looks at it flying away thinking "Farewell Gemini .. I entrust it
to you, Saga !"
Then he turns back towards Radamanthys. Now they will fight to death !
Radamanthys attacks first with "Greatest Caution".
He injures Kanon several times. Without his cloth Kanon is no more protected. Radamanthys asks him if he intended to win. Kanon replies he
didn't, he only intended to make him his companion.
Then Kanon puts his arms aroud Radamanthys' shoulders and while they go
up, Kanon adds : "My companion to Death !"

p94 : Kanon releases his Galaxian Explosion which strikes them together.
Shiryu and Hyoga notice this raising star and understand it means Kanon's death.

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Colgo l'occasione per ringraziare Khorne per l'aiuto che mi ha dato:

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