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14-02-2001, 18.55.00

just visited your side. Good looking and excellent content...and a nice flash at the beginning (have u seen ours, too?)-> nice webpage for a nice clan

I noticed the trouble between some of TNF guys and RIP clan. I like both clans (i am an ex rip) so if i can mediate between the 2 clans ...just tell me http://forums.multiplayer.it/smile.gif



15-02-2001, 08.51.00
Hi Carsten
Thanks for your proposal, our forum is this
http://forums.multiplayer.it/smile.gif http://forums.multiplayer.it/cgi/forumdisplay.cgi?action=topics&forum=The+Net+Fraggers&number=25&DaysPrune=10&LastLogin=

15-02-2001, 10.17.00
WOW what a surprise, thank you for everything Carstern, a very kind thought and thank you for the nuce things told about us and our website, from such a good fragger like you of a excellent clan like NCNapali

15-02-2001, 11.48.00
Thx http://forums.multiplayer.it/smile.gif
Thx http://forums.multiplayer.it/smile.gif
Thx http://forums.multiplayer.it/smile.gif
Hugs and kisses by Ian Solo http://forums.multiplayer.it/biggrin.gif

15-02-2001, 23.36.00
I read all boards and thx Carsten but I talked with Jedima and the problem is behind us....thx for being supprotive and you rock!!!!!!!!!