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07-03-2003, 15.03.43
Come fanno notare su diabloii.net, il nuovo numero del Bliz Insider uscito, ma la Patch ancora non si vede, come invece avevano annunciato :tsk:
In compenso dicono che i test procedono e che i lunghi tempi di attesa vanno tutti a favore delle meraviglie che la cara Bliz ci sta preparando :D
Mi prende bene l'idea che ci possano essere nuove vie per i pg di alto livello, visto che proprio quello che ci serve per mantenere vivo il gioco :)

Riporto la notizia e a voi i commenti:

"Blizzard Insider - Elly [6:54:PST]
You may remember back to issue #12 of the Blizzard Insider where it was stated that "We are currently in test on the patch and hope to have it out before the next issue of the Insider is released." Well issue #13 is out which is more than can be said for patch 1.10. They do say 'hope' which is less firm than 'we will' of course, however we're sure they remembered saying this and perhaps with that in mind they feel they can release the Insider because the patch is literally days away. Perhaps. Maybe. Thanks to Roteq-Reborn and his eagle eye for spotting this one.
There is another taster in the Insider, by way of an update on the Patch's progress and it goes like this:
Diablo II 1.10 is currently undergoing extensive testing in our QA department. The patch touches on almost every aspect of the game, so it has required the same amount of testing as when we released Diablo II: Lord of Destruction. We are also spending a lot of time looking at how the changes will improve the game for high-level characters. Now would be a great time for Diablo II fans to get some levels and save up those skill and stat points in preparation for the new items, new ways that spells work together, and the new challenges that are coming with v1.10!
They also reiterate their continued intention to ban CD keys of those found using hacks in Warcraft III and Diablo II."

07-03-2003, 15.07.30
qualcuno me la spedisce per mail? a me nn arrivato niente...

carnevale mode on?