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30-01-2003, 18.30.28
Non lo sapevo!!!

Avete gi letto questa new? :confused: (se s, prendetevela con la funzione di ricerca che disabilitata :angel2: )

Developer Llamasoft and publisher Lionhead Studios yesterday announced that they are underway with their first GameCube project, called Unity. The game, created jointly by veterans Peter Molyneux and Jeff Minter, is already five months into production, according to the companies.
Unity is described as a journey through "a succession of beautiful abstract 3D spaces." The game, with visual similarities to Sega's Rez, cues its psychedelic visual presentation to audio beats. Selections of different play styles, both fast paced and mellow, vary the action.

The project is being handled out of Minter's Welsh studio with access to all of Lionhead's substantial resources.

"Jeff Minter is one of the people that inspired me to get into the industry. I queued along with everyone else in the '80s to get his autograph and even considered getting a Llama!" said Peter Molyneux. "To be working with one of the founding figures of this industry is huge honor, I am sure we'll be producing a game that is amazing and unique."

"I am very happy indeed finally to be able to talk about this excellent collaboration between Llamasoft and Lionhead which will allow me to work on what is basically my dream project," said Jeff Minter. "The chance to undertake this work with the backing of one of the best and most respected development houses in the world, and with the guidance of some of the finest and most creative minds in the business, is perhaps the greatest opportunity I have had in my entire career, and I believe that together we can produce something truly extraordinary."

On the Llamasoft message boards, Jeff Minter spoke highly of working with GameCube. "It's lovely," he said. "Really nice to code on! I'm loving it!"

In a chat conference, Minter went on to detail his inspiration for the unique project. "Back in 1994... I had an idea for another game. Something which brought together the two main strands of my work over the years: lightsynths and games. A project I called 'Unity.'"

"The game itself will be an abstract shooter, but much more than that," Minter continued. "It'll start out as, well, the kind of thing you might expect the bloke who made t2k and t3k to make if he had decent hardware. But it will develop into something unique, something where the boundaries between playing a game and performing an instrument of some kind are blurred."

First images of the game in motion have already appeared in various magazines. Unity will also be the subject of an upcoming 10-page article by European Edge Magazine

Viewtiful Joe
30-01-2003, 18.42.51
Si la news non pi tanto news ma fa sempre piacere ricordarlo :birra: , poi se vuoi vedere anche qualche immagine segui questo vecchio TOPIC (http://forums.multiplayer.it/showthread.php?threadid=116578)

30-01-2003, 18.46.38
Per me, questo uno dei motivi assoluti per essere felice.
Questi due game designer, assieme al maestro e David Crane sono i tetrarchi dei videogames.

30-01-2003, 18.55.36
D'accordo con gulogulo, ma ci metterei anche Yu Suzuki :)

30-01-2003, 19.07.13
Ops, lo sapevo. Scusate per la ripetizione modello old-news ma sono cubista da molto poco... :angel2:

30-01-2003, 19.24.13
per chi interessato su Edge di questo mese c' un articolone proprio su Unity e i Lama Studios :cool: ;)

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