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Fox83 di AR
30-11-2002, 12.20.04
azz non ci credo ancoraaaaa lo hanno da GTWORLD!!!!!!

Fox83 di AR
30-11-2002, 12.29.02

gli ho mandato una mail e mi hanno detto che non c e :grr: :grr:

-STE- pso
30-11-2002, 12.36.47
hahahahahaah dream

Updated 21st November 2002

Many people are contacting us and asking when FreeLoader and Action Replay for GameCube will be released.

We have always given release dates in good faith, based on feedback from our engineers. It has never been our intention to give misleading information, and we sincerely regret having to delay the launch several times. Our products are not officially licensed by Nintendo so they sometimes take longer to develop than we would like, and this has unfortunately been the case with these two GameCube products.

FreeLoader and Action Replay for GameCube are very important products for us. We are the only unofficial developer with the technical know-how needed to produce such ground-breaking products. Please rest assured that as soon as FreeLoader and Action Replay are thoroughly tested and available for release, all our customers with pre-orders will be the very first to receive stock. We can totally understand your frustration at having to wait this long, as it's been an incredibly frustrating time for us too, but we're now very close to releasing FreeLoader.

We've seen various release dates across the net, and although most retailers are trying to guess the launch date in good faith, we must stress that you should ONLY trust the official announcements that you read here at www.codejunkies.com. If there is no release date specified, then that's because we're not exactly sure ourselves and we do not want to pluck one out of thin air. We know that's not what you want to hear but we are doing our utmost to at least get FreeLoader out before Christmas 2002. Action Replay will follow shortly afterwards, hopefully in January 2003.

We hope you will bear with us, as these products are certainly going to be worth the wait, we can guarantee you that. Both products are in fact 100% complete and have already been reviewed by G-Force magazine using our custom-made development kit. The delay is due to some minor technical issues in duplicating the discs, which we are currently pouring all our resources into (so much so, that we've had to postpone all Xbox development until these have been resolved).

So it shouldn't be long now, but if you have already pre-ordered either Action Replay for GameCube, or FreeLoader from us and now wish to obtain a refund, please contact support@codejunkies.com with your order details, and we'll be happy to help you out.

Please note that we have temporarily removed the option to pre-order these products. Don't worry, this does not mean that they've been cancelled - both products will definitely be released as soon as possible. As soon as we are taking orders again, we will let you know. If you want to be among the first to know when this will be, please sign up for the Codejunkies e-mail newsletter on the front page of the site.

30-11-2002, 14.15.05
ahahahaha che pakki la datel

30-11-2002, 15.48.13
ma lasciamo stare:toh: ormai faccio finta di nn aver mai sentito i nomi datel e freeloader.